Western Regional Single Trip Permits

Western Regional Single Trip Permits

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The states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington have entered into an agreement which authorized the issuance of regional single trip overweight/oversize permits.  A regional permit may be issued by the entry, origin destination or pass-through state if the vehicle does not exceed the sized and weights of the envelope vehicle and it is operating on the routes listed on this map. 

The vehicle operating on a regional overweight/oversize permit must comply with the following requirements and maximum dimensions. 

1.  Weight

a.  600 pounds per inch width of tire
b.  21,500 pounds per single axle
c.  43,000 pounds per tandem axle
d.  53,000 pounds per tridem axle (wheelbase more than 8 ft but not more than 13 ft)
e.  160,000 pounds gross weight
f.  In no case may the gross weight exceed the sum of the permitted axle,  tandem axle, group axle weights or the weight specified by the permit,  whichever  is less.
g.  A minimum of 5 axles is required for the issuance of a regional overweight permit.

2.  Length - 110 feet overall

3.  Width - 14 feet

4.  Height - 14 feet

5.  The oversize load must be nonreducible and it can not be a manufactured home.

The member states have developed a list of special conditions within each state which apply to the operation of the envelope size vehicle.  This list must accompany all regional overweight/oversize permits.

The state of issuance will collect the fees for all member states in which the vehicle is permitted for travel.  These fees must be paid by credit card, cash, cashiers check or other guaranteed funds. 

Telephone Numbers of Permit Offices in other States:

Arizona  623-932-2247                       
Colorado  303-757-9539
Idaho  208-334-8420
Louisiana  225-377-7132
Montana  406-444-6130
Nevada  775-888-7070
New Mexico  505-827-0376
Oklahoma  405-425-2390
Oregon  503-373-0000
Texas  800-299-1700
Utah  801-965-4508
Washington  360-704-6340