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Kindness, patience impresses California customer

ITD Driver Services,

… I called your office on May 9 to get an application for extension faxed. I spoke with Debra Dopieralski in (Driver Services) and she said she could fax me this form. I didn't have a fax so I had to call a local FedEx Kinkos.

Debra faxed the form to FedEx, and I went down to pick it up.

When I got to the FedEx store I was told by a store employee that Debra from Idaho Transportation Department had called to make sure that they got the form and had asked if someone there could help me fill out the form and fax it back.

The FedEx guy Alex was very impressed that Debra went as far as to call and see if the form was there for me. I was so humbled by the extra care that Debra took to make sure my license was valid so I can return to Idaho.

My wife passed away a few months ago, and I am stuck in Modesto taking care of our business and selling the house we had here. I love Idaho and I am very happy to pass on my experience with your department to anyone that will listen.

I also called Debra about some title questions I had about turning over a car to my granddaughter. Debra directed me to the right department so I could also get this taken care of. Please tell Debra thank you for helping me. She went above and beyond by doing the extra work and I didn't even expect it. This was a wonderful experience for me, and I am delighted to tell you that Debra was very nice and patient with me.

It was nice to know that you have special employees like Debra that have the kindness and patience to help an old driver in need. Thank you for your time.

Arnold Recanati,
Modesto California
via e-mail

Published 6-3-2011