ITD chooses 3M to provide DMV modernization solution

Last week, ITD contracted with 3M to lead a major Division of Motor Vehicles modernization project that is expected to take 42 months to complete.

Design and development sessions already are planned, and work was expected to begin this week, explains ITD Vehicle Services Manager Amy Smith, communications coordinator for the project.

ITD used a “best value” procurement method to secure a vendor that is experienced and respected for its work in large-scale replacement of outdated technology for motor vehicle business operations.

“This is an off-the-shelf system that will be customized to fit Idaho’s laws and business practices,” Smith explained. “During the past six months, ITD has worked closely with 3M to identify areas that may need customization in the system they offer to meet ITD’s needs.”

3M brings broad experience in technology modernization to the ITD project, including similar work in other states. It offers a proven solution that can be tailored to meet Idaho’s needs.

“This project is not simply about software. It is about transforming the motor vehicle business for Idaho,” according to an announcement by the contractor.

“It will revolutionize the business and technical systems that are currently used to deliver motor vehicle services in Idaho. This fully modernized system will support motor vehicle operations with streamlined solutions- improving business processes and enhancing and expediting service to all customers.”

The large-scale information technology award is aptly named the “GARNET Project” (Giving Customers a Secure Automated Records Network). It encompasses the replacement of all motor vehicle systems used internally and externally by county partners to conduct and issue DMV products and services. Resources for the project were provided through legislative action.

Smith said the DMV modernization project supports ITD’s long-range goals – safety, mobility and economic vitality.

“3M Motor Vehicle Systems and Services (MVSS) values the opportunity to partner with the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles on this endeavor,” 3M officials said. “We share the DMV’s vision to enhance its current processes with better use of technology, more modern services and new processes that will improve working relationships with businesses, individuals and partners."

For more information, please see the project newsletter.

Project benefits

This project will benefit the ITD and its business partners, Idaho citizens and businesses, DMV staff and state and federal agencies, according to an announcement from 3M. Among the benefits resulting from this project are:

  • One driver, one record: A more “customer centric” system allows the DMV staff a faster, more accurate way to address the customer’s requests. This system provides DMV staff with immediate access to all licenses, vehicles and information associated with a customer so they can advise them of all pending renewals, fines and other necessary actions.
  • New computer programs reduce fraudulent activities, a critical benefit of a modernized DMV. These computer programs identify suspicious patterns, while inventory tracking allows for more accuracy, reducing the possibility of theft and counterfeiting activities.
  • A new business rules engine simplifies the process of updating business rules that continually change due to new legislation, updated security issues and frequent addition of new services. The rules engine improves the overall operation of the DMV by allowing the DMV staff to make simple adjustments to the rules, constants, conditions and events critical to daily operations.


Published 5-27-2011