Forecast calls for showers at Garden Valley airstrip

Pilots and other visitors landing at the scenic Garden Valley airstrip soon will be able to grab a quick shower. Construction of new shower facilities at the popular mountain-area airstrip is under way and should be completed this summer, weather permitting.

ITD’s Division of Aeronautics is working with the Idaho Aviation Foundation (IAF), the Idaho Aviation Association (IAA), ITD District 3 personnel and local authorities to construct the new facility, located 30 miles north of Boise and adjacent to the South Fork of the Payette River.

Garden Valley’s turf airstrip is a favorite destination for many backcountry pilots because it is easily accessible and has camping, picnic and toilet facilities available, but no showers.

The new structure will add men's and women’s shower facilities and a covered patio that has electric outlets for use by visitors.

IAA members are donating labor and providing construction materials for free or at cost for the project and the foundation is supplying funds, explained Gary McElheney, ITD airport maintenance manager.

“District 3 has been a great help with the project,” McElheney said. “The Special Crew supplied heavy equipment for the project, Materials took soil samples and conducted compaction tests and the Survey Crew helped locate the building and needed drain field.”

Published 5-20-2011