ITD Mailbox

Thanks for providing shredding site

Kathy Chase, Business & Support Management

Thank you again for supporting this free consumer shred event.  Wow what a successful year.  Using your parking lot, we assisted 850 consumers in shredding 37,000 lbs of personal information, and donating 50 computers to “Computer For Kids”.

That blew the doors off last year (660 consumers, 22,000 lbs).  The event went off without a hitch. 
Please thank all those that deserve a hug from the BBB.  We really appreciated the bags and brochures for the attendees, they really liked them.  Hopefully we have been good stewards to earn the privilege of requesting your location again for next year.  What a wonderful partnership.
Thank you.
Beve Bryant,
Outreach Coordinator
Better Business Bureau, Boise

Quick response for flat tire

ITD Executive Director Brian Ness

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ron Baigrie and Mike Whitney stationed in your district (3).

As we were traveling to Boise on the freeway Monday morning to a doctor's appointment, we unexpectedly had a tire blow out. As we were wondering what to do, a state (ITD) truck pulled in behind our car. In a short while, these men had the tire off and the spare tire on the wheel. As we are both in our 80s, we were so happy to have these state employees solve our problem for us. We were on our way and got to our doctor's appointment on time.. We hope you will recognize these employees.

Thank you.

Don and Yvonne Stephens,

Positive attitude, great service

Eric Copeland,

On March 24, 2011, I visited the ITD Caldwell District 3 Residency located at I-84 Exit 25 to obtain some public information. ITD Employees Larry Vaughn and Clark Hunter were very helpful and took the time to assist me in obtaining the information I needed.

They had a positive attitude and I was impressed with their service.

I thought you would like to know.

Thank you.

Shawn Klitch,
via e-mail

Published 4-29-2011