Credit Union gives tips for leisure year preparation

What does retirement look like for you? Do you dream of sunny beaches and sleeping in but feel it’s unachievable?

Are you so busy with daily living you haven’t had time to envision retirement? Many people lost money in their retirement plans during the recent economic meltdown. This economic anxiety leads many to delay retirement because of fears they won’t be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and afford rising health care costs.

If you’re feeling less than confident about your retirement plan, let us ease some of the burden with a no-obligation personalized retirement plan. We can protect your nest egg and help you set economic goals. For more information, contact Jeff Currie at 344-7948 ext. 270 or Amy Herber at 947-0123 ext. 123.

Note: Icon Credit Union was founded to provide financial services to employees in the transportation department. All ITD employees are eligible to join. The credit union has branches in Boise (3 and a new one under construction), Coeur d'Alene and La Grande, Ore.)

Published 4-29-2011