Historical group lauds efforts of Jones, Sablan in D-3

The Idaho Military Historical Society recently acknowledged the work that District 3 Engineer Dave Jones and Traffic Engineer Kevin Sablan did to facilitate placement of signs for the group on Interstate 84. Jones and Sablan cleared the administrative process to allow signs near the Orchard Street Interchange and the route to Gowen Field early in a project to widen the interstate between the Cole/Overland and Broadway exits.

The signs, which provide directions to Gowen Field, are brown informational signs and likely will be placed near the exit in July.

Jones said the new sign can be installed because ITD has reduced the "sign clutter" in the area. “Previously we would not have been able to accommodate it,” he said.
In a letter to ITD Chief Operating Officer Paul Steinman, IMHS Board Member William R. Beck said “everyone, beginning with you, was absolutely great to work with.”
“As the repository of the historical artifacts of the Idaho National Guard, we want to better inform our state’s citizens of the existence of the museum. Your help with the highway signs has made this goal much easier to achieve,” Beck added.

IMHS website

Published 3-11-2011