Motorists speak out about transportation system

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) launched a social media campaign in January to gauge the public's opinion about transportation issues. A wide cross section of American travelers, truckers, commuters, cyclists and other users of our transportation system offered their views on AASHTO's Facebook and YouTube sites.

AASHTO sent the results of that campaign to Congress this week in the form of a report, "What Congress
Should Know About Transportation."

"We received nearly 200 comments and had more than two dozen videos posted online." said Lloyd D. Brown, AASHTO's Director of Communications. "Beyond the numbers, AASHTO's Facebook site went well beyond a place to simply post comments; it quickly became a dynamic forum in which people conducted thoughtful conversations and exchanged views about the many challenges facing our transportation system. "

And the public's priorities?

  • Fix the funding
  • Repair our infrastructure
  • Use smarter technology
  • Improve safety
  • Look beyond the car
  • Move freight more efficiently
  • Don't forget rural America
  • Deliver transportation projects more quickly

For your convenience, AASHTO posted a 4-page summary of the conversations at, and the full set of comments at You may also view the ongoing dialogue at

The next few months will determine the direction of surface transportation for the next six years. We know that transportation
investment creates jobs. But equally important are the tangible returns we generate - safer, less congested roads and bridges, transportation networks that meet the needs of metropolitan, suburban, and rural areas, and new technologies that will benefit millions of users every day for decades to come.

Published 3-11-2011