Installation of Interned-based phones to be completed this weekend

ITD’s conversion to an Internet-based telephone system should be completed by Tuesday(Feb. 22) with upgrades to all telephones at Headquarters. Installation of the new HQ phones will begin tonight and continue through the weekend to ensure that all are functioning when employees return to work Tuesday.

Employees are asked to prepare for the change by doing the following:

  • Remove any voice messages that remain on your existing Audix system. Messages will not migrate over to the new system and will be lost unless archived before new phones are installed.
  • Make sure new phones, which have been delivered to each office, are left on your desk next to or under your existing telephone.
  • Remove/secure any personal items or valuables from your desk before technicians begin exchanging phones this weekend.
  • ITD staff and INX technicians will walk around your areas, on Tuesday to make sure phones are functioning properly. Please use them as a resource for any general questions you have.
  • Remember that your temporary voicemail password is 1234. Be sure to change it when installation is complete.
  • Remember to record a new voicemail greeting on Tuesday; instructions were provided during recent training.

If you have questions, please contact Michelle Cobler at 78899 and she will initiate a list for processing by the ETS Service Desk.

To call between HQ and the district offices you must dial the following:

All districts to HQ 7 then the extension, example: 75620
HQ to all districts District number then the extension, example: 11282 for D1, 38311 for D3, 65620 for D6, etc.
Within HQ 7 then the extension, example: 75620

Published 2-18-2011