ITD to welcome young 'engineers' from Nampa schools

A group of young women you might meet at ITD on Friday, Feb. 25, could harbor some of the department’s future engineers.

Thirty eighth-graders and five instructors from the Nampa School District will participate in Engineering Girls Day at ITD where department personnel will introduce the group to the advantages of choosing engineering as a career path.

Activities will begin in headquarters’ auditorium with a welcome from ITD Chief Engineer Tom Cole. From there, Human Resource Specialist Michelle George and engineers Erika Bowen and Monica Crider will provide a short tour of ITD’s main building and escort participants to the East Annex where demonstrations, presentations and pizza await.

Chemist Supervisor Ron Wright will provide a tour of ITD’s laboratory where demonstrations ranging from chemistry and structures to asphalt oil and asphalt mix are planned.

GARVEE Program Engineer Amy Schroeder will join engineers Shanon Murgoitio and Pam Golden, along with Transportation Technician Megan Kautz, for talks about bridge and traffic engineering and why someone might choose engineering as a career.

Paul Steinman, ITD chief operations officer, will offer closing comments to the group.

Published 2-18-2011