JFAC to hear presentation on budget request Tuesday

ITD Director Brian Ness will provide an overview of the FY12 budget request for the transportation department when he speaks to members of the Legislature’s Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee Tuesday.

The proposed FY12 budget is $507.9 million. With a GARVEE request of $162 million and annual debt service $50 million, the total FY12 recommended budget is $719.9 million.

About 90 percent of the proposed $719.9 million total for FY 12 would be devoted to the state’s highway system – $287.1 million for contract construction, $162 in GARVEE bonding authority, $149.2 million for highway operations and maintenance and $50 million for GARVEE debt service.

The remainder of the expenditures is for the Division of Motor Vehicles, $28.3 million, Division of Administration, $22.7 million; Division of Public Transportation, $10.4 million; Division of Transportation Planning, $4.6 million, Division of Aeronautics, $2.8 million; and capital facilities, $2.8 million.

Those who would like to follow ITD’s presentation and JFAC ‘s discussion can find video and audio of the session streamed on the state’s legislative site. (http://legstreamint.idahoptv.org/JFAC)

Published 2-4-2011