Policy allows internal sales ... with restrictions

An announcement recently about a policy governing personal sales at ITD warrants clarification.

Some employees interpreted the policy as prohibiting all internal sales by ITD colleagues and family members. That is not the case, explains Kathy Chase, manager of Business & Support Services.

Sales by ITD employees are allowed if the activity takes place during non-work periods, such as on lunch hours, personal breaks and before or after normal work hours.

An employee engaged in such activity also can display posters and notices of commercial sales and services on department bulletin boards with their supervisor’s approval. Such notices must clearly indicate the personal activities are not endorsed or supported by the department and that purchases are optional.

The intent of the policy is to allow personal sales without disrupting or interfering with regular work responsibilities.

Anyone interested in selling goods or services internally should carefully read Administrative Policy A-06-18 below.

Administrative Policy A-06-18 – SALES ACTIVITIES IN THE WORKPLACE

Any person acting as a sales representative for non-Transportation Department business, commercial or personal services or products who are also personally marketing such to outside vendors will not be permitted to make desk-to-desk or person-to-person marketing efforts to ITD employees. Employees who receive telephone solicitations on the job are requested to ask the salesperson to contact them at home after working hours.

ITD supervisors may, at their discretion, allow the posting of notices of commercial sales activities on appropriate department bulletin boards. However, these notices must inform employees that the product or service is not state or department endorsed. Notices must also inform employees to use their break time, lunch time, or periods before or after work for obtaining services or making inquiries. Business cards or other small posters from sales representatives may be posted on designated ITD bulletin boards with reasonable time limits set for their removal. All items posted on department bulletin boards must first have the approval of the person or section having responsibility for that board.

The use of state stationery, envelopes, postage, or other department resources for advertising vendor goods or services is prohibited. Any costs associated with sales activities in the workplace must be borne by the vendor.

Department facilities and resources may be used for department or state endorsed promotions or activities such as discussions of fringe benefit packages, Red Cross blood drive, United Way campaign, employee fund raisers, etc.
In the Headquarters complex, the Administrative Services Division Administrator, through the Facilities Manager, will be responsible for setting reasonable guidelines to implement this policy. In the District offices, these activities will be under the supervision of the District Engineer, through the District Business Manager.

Published 1-28-2011