Icon Credit Union to present 'Money and Motivation'

Provided by Mandy Wood, ICON Credit Union
Icon Credit Union is sponsoring a great new class called Money and Motivation. It will be held at the University of Phoenix in Meridian on Tuesday, Feb. 8.

National motivational and inspirational speaker Joan Endicott and new local children’s book author and Icon’s own Account Relationship Manager, Mandy Wood, will present an entertaining open forum that will encourage and inspire each person no matter what their relationship with money currently is.

Learn how to Tame the Money Monster. Don’t be a slave to your finances. You can take control and stop living paycheck to paycheck by learning why you spend or the Psychology of spending. What motivates you financially and why? You will learn to get to the heart of money matters.

What is the relationship to money and motivation? Some people are motivated by money and some people are motivated by what money can do. Do you want to take a vacation with loved ones or spend more time with key individuals? How financially can you make that possible? I am motivated by my “bucket list.” One of my bucket list items is to take a hot air balloon ride over the pyramids in Egypt. The first step to making that happen for me was researching if it was possible. From there I created a budget for what something like that will actually cost. I added airfare, food, time-off work, hotel and the actual balloon ride. Now I know how much money I need to save to make my dream a reality.

My next step was to create a savings plan and timeline to make that happen. Now I am motivated every day and I wake up eager to go to work because I feel a real satisfaction about what I am doing and see progress towards my dreams. Money is not the root of all evil, it is a tool to achieve your dreams. What motivates you and how do you adjust your perspective to make money and work an exciting tool?

We will also go over being a financial role model for future generations. How can you instill value and skills that will free your children and grandchildren from financial hardship and allow them to have a quality relationship with money. We will discuss transPARENTcy in your family finances and ways to make that most effective.

No matter where you are financially this fun and informative class can give you new tips and tricks to move you toward financial freedom.

Published 1-28-2011