ITD, LHTAC volunteers present special Future City award

ITD and volunteers from the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council joined in creating a special “Accessible City Award." It was presented to the project with “the most accessible design for people with disabilities, the elderly and others with mobility impairments. Designs that accommodate the most innovative systems (such as transportation, public rights of way, accessible services) for a community.”

Representatives of both transportation organizations met with each team and selected Lake Hazel Middle School (Zotrusydta) as the award winner.

The design best represented the award criteria , Bowen explained. “Integral to their city was LED panel roadways and sidewalks. These panels communicated with “nanobots” (driverless cars) to assist in navigation around the city for both public and private transportation.”

Vehicle-to-vehicle accidents were eliminated by the panels’ ability to sense collisions and stop cars. Panels also monitored pedestrian and bicycle movements on the roadway and stopped vehicles before any accidents occurred. The team said this was especially useful when the blind or children tried to cross the road.

On sidewalks, the panels helped with snow/ice management so that pedestrians would not slip and fall in inclement weather. The city zoning also was thoughtfully arranged so that the hospital and other services were close to the residential area for increased accessibility.

The kids received a plaque and five water bottles from the Future City Competition.

Erika Bowen created an extra, framed certificate with all the names of those who contributed to the cost of the award and the department they represent, along with a description of the award.

ITD/LHTAC representatives also provided $100 to the middle school participants for a pizza party.

The Idaho Transportation Board expressed interest in having the students make a special presentation of their project at a future board meeting.

- - - -

Thanks to Erika Bowen for providing the summary of the Future City competition, and to all ITD and LHTAC employees who volunteered their time and resources.

Published 1-28-2011