'Fly Idaho' license plate proposed for aviation foundation

Do you want to show your support for aviation in Idaho without leaving the ground? Legislation has been introduced that would create a new specialty vehicle license plate -- the "Fly Idaho." Proceeds from the proposed plate would be used to improve and maintain Idaho's unique backcountry and recreational airstrips.

Specialty license plates cost $35 the initial year, of which $22 would go the Idaho Aviation Foundation. Renewals after the first year would cost $25 and generate $12 for the foundation. Initial and renewal costs for specialty plates are in addition to the regular costs of licensing a vehicle, which can vary depending on the age of the car and whether extra fees are imposed by local agencies, such as the Ada County Highway District.

Idaho offers more than 30 specialty license plate choices that provide funds for sponsoring organizations and ITD.

Published 1-28-2011