Log-on changes coming to AMS-Advantage system

ITD employees will notice several increased security measures the next time they reset their passwords for the AMS-Advantage financial system. AMS is used for recording and submitting timesheets and for a number of financial applications.

  • Accounts will be locked after five unsuccessful or incorrect log-in attempts, reduced from the seven attempts now allowed.
  • The system will “remember” an individual’s last 12 passwords; the system now recognizes the last 10 passwords.
  • AMS passwords will increase from a minimum of five letters and characters to at least eight. The maximum number of letters/characters will remain at 16.
  • Passwords will allow numerals, upper and lower case letters and symbols.
  • Passwords may not contain user ID (remains unchanged).
  • Passwords cannot contain the word “password” (unchanged).

Published 1-28-2011