Harker achieves 'certified professional' credentials

Mary Harker, ITD’s Chief Human Resource Officer, recently achieved international recognition for achieving the International Public Management Association’s Certified Professional credentials.

“Mary is now authorized by the IPMA-HR (Human Resources) to use the IPMA-CP or IMPA-HR Certified Professional designation,” explains Neil E. Reichenberg, executive director of the organization.

“Individuals who have received IPMA-CP designation have met the professional standards set by the IPMA-HR to recognize excellence in public-sector human resources, and have demonstrated to a panel of senior-level professionals their commitment to public-sector HR by undertaking a rigorous review of their technical experience and understanding of the importance of behavioral competencies to the role of HR professionals,” Reichenberg said.

“We are proud to have Mary join the ranks of IPMA-HR Certified Professionals.

The International Public Management Association is based in Alexandria, Va.

Published 12-10-2010