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Supreme Court: ITD staff members were excellent teachers

Dear Hal Putnam and Amy Smith,

On behalf of the Idaho Supreme Court and Patti Tobias, we want to sincerely thank you for your participation in the Webinar “Dealing with Suspension and Reinstatement of Driving Privileges” on December 1st.

We believe strongly that the success of any training depends on the quality of the presentation and the skills and knowledge of our faculty, which we feel was achieved at this training to the highest level.  We appreciate your preparation in advance of the program, plus the time you spent and your sincere interest in helping to provide a positive and enriching learning environment for all those who participated.

The dialogue among the participants was constructive and the evaluations were outstanding!  We have compiled the responses from the evaluation forms and attach a summary for your perusal.

Again, on behalf of the Idaho Supreme Court and the participants, a sincere “thank you” for your contribution.

Lowell Castleton,
Senior Judge
Idaho  Supreme Court

- - - - -

Sharing a vision of the future

SonnaLynn Fernandez,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit with my membership regarding the future plan.

I appreciate your time.

Regards, Stuart Davis,
Idaho Association of Highway Districts

Published 12-10-2010