New 'dashboard' tool provides visual updates
on progress in meeting performance goals

ITD’s commitment to transparency took a new visual form this week with the introduction of a database-driven Transportation System Dashboard featured prominently on the department’s website. (Click here to see the new dashboard).

A new graphic link directs visitors to pages that provide a current snapshot of the department’s primary performance measures. Resembling an automobile speedometer, the graphic depicts the status and desired trend for each of ITD’s performance measures. They include:

  • Five-year traffic fatality rate
  • Percent of pavement in good or fair condition
  • Percent of bridges in good condition
  • Percent of highway projects developed on time
  • Construction Cost at Award (as a percentage of the construction budget)
  • Highway congestion
  • Administration and planning expenditures
  • Division of Motor Vehicles title processing time, and
  • Division of Motor Vehicles Internet transactions

Clicking any of the dashboard gauges takes users to a page that provides greater detail on ITD’s progress in meeting the desired trend, including information on 1) Why it is important, 2) What ITD is doing to meet the objective, and 3) How ITD measures progress. Pages also include other graphics that visually display historic information, and current monthly trends.

Underlying information is database-driven, allowing changes to be made quickly and automatically.

“This is an important tool that will enable the public to visually track our progress,” said ITD Director Brian Ness. "The goal is to become a better organization. The Transportation System Dashboard allows us to gauge our success on achieving the goal."

The new visual reports augment ITD’s Performance Management Framework, explains Shannon Barnes, a program manager and member of the dashboard development team. It will provide policymakers and citizens instant access to information about the department’s progress in meeting long-range goals.

The performance measures are “milepost markers” that correlate directly with the department’s long-range goals – improving safety, enhancing mobility and supporting economic vitality.

Published 12-10-2010