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Canadians appreciate good service

Chris Fisher, ITD Division of Motor Vehicles,
I just checked the mail, and yes I have it.. I must say that is why us / we / Canadians continue to return even on summer vacation to Idaho. We enjoy the state and many things about it, and one thing the friendliness of the people. You just proved again that your immediate response and information shows that an attitude in service means a lot.

Once again - and please pass this message to your supervisor - as I felt "you" went that extra mile to help me out need more people such as yourself in the service industry.”

Have a great weekend and thanks.

Aaron Kutnikoff
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Good deed goes around… and around

ITD Division of Highways,
I wish to commend one of your employees, Trey Mink.

On Saturday night (Nov. 27), my wife and I were traveling home from our daughter's. We had a flat tire, and Trey stopped his snowplow behind our vehicle for protection and helped me change the tire.

Good people deserve credit for their actions, and Trey Mink is an awesome individual. My wife and I are indebted to Trey for his giving and kind nature, and hope in some way to repay him for his kind actions.


Steve and Diana Fullmer
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Thanks for keeping highways clear

Janie Stillwell
Division of Highways,
I just want to thank all the Idaho highway executives, managers, supervisors and drivers, for taking such good care of the Idaho 95 Highway (U.S. 95) between Moscow and Plummer.

I commute from Moscow to Plummer to get to work. I have last year’s all-season tires on my car, and I am so thankful that the state of Idaho is taking such excellent care of the roads to clear the snow off.

Please forward my compliments to all staff, especially the drivers!! Thank you. I appreciate all of the work and effort you put in to keep all of us safe!

Sherri Lozon
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Published 12-3-2010