District 5 employees head ITD's 10-week fitness challenge

District 5 employees ran circles around their colleagues from throughout the state this year – or perhaps they could have, judging from final results in the annual ITD fitness challenge.

More than half of the District 5 participants (51 percent) completed the 10-week event. District 1 was a distant second with 39 percent, followed closely by District 2 (37 percent) and District 4 (33 percent). Districts 3 and 6 finished with 26 percent and 24 percent completion rates.

In recognition of Idaho’s century of flight, the theme chosen for this year’s fitness challenge was 2010 Fly Idaho.

The multi-disciplinary consortium of Bridge, Right of Way, Highway Safety and Public Transportation, emerged on top of the Headquarters competition with a 77 percent completion rate. Its leader was Patty Fish, who recorded 113.3 hours of exercise, according to chief scorekeeper Pauline Davis of the ITD wellness committee.

Ironically, the Headquarters team with the lowest percentage of completion – the Annex – included the individual with more hours than any other employee – Dianna Hoffecker logged 350 hours of exertion.

In extra-curricular competition, ITD employees emerged ahead of those in the Federal Highway Administration, completing an average of 96 hours compared with 85 for FHWA.

2010 Headquarters Best Team Participation Results & Team’s Top Individual
77% Bridge, Right of Way, Highway Safety & Public Transportation Team (Leader: Patty Fish, 113.3 hours)
73% Adm. Srvs, HR, Financial Srvs, Business & Support Team (Sherry Buwalda, 188.8 hours)
70% Enterprise Technology Srvs. Team (Charles Parsons, 84.0 hours)
68% Design, Environmental, Transp. Investment & Planning Team (Scott Fugit, 146.1 hours)
63% Ex. Mgmt, BPIR, Legal, Communications, EEO, Int. Review & Aeronautics Team (Sue Higgins, 121.8 hours)
57% Commercial Vehicles, Driver Srvs. & POE Team (Chuck Keshian, 134.0 hours)
47% Motor Vehicle Srvs. & Adm. Team (Chris Fisher, 86.3 h ours)
44% Annex: Operations-Traffic, Materials & Mtce Team (Dianna Hoffecker, 350.0 hours)

2010 DISTRICT Best Team Participation Results
District 5 51%
District 1 39%
District 2 37%
District 4 33%
District 3 26%
District 6 24%

STATEWIDE Individual Top 5 by Exercise Hours
District 4 Individual Top 3 by Exercise Hours
Diane Hoffecker, HQ 350.0 hours. Steve Roseborough, Rupert 159.0
Michael Copeland, D-3 300.0 Doug Yearsley, EIT 110.1
Sherill Allen, D-3 262.8 Lynn White, Materials 88.3
Lori Rindlisbaker, D-5 231.0
District 5 Individual Top 3 by Exercise Hours
Bruce Bovey, D-2 205.0 Lori Rindlisbaker, Res A 231.0
District 1 Individual Top 3 by Exercise Hours
Perry Lloyd, Soda Springs 107.0
Dan Budd, Design 163.5 Evan Fullmer, Design 97.0
Adam Hodges, Sandpoint 141.4
District 6 Individual Top 3 by Exercise Hours
Chris Hood, Sandpoint 140.5 Myron Williams, Rec. Insp. 179.7
District 2 Individual Top 3 by Exercise Hours
Travis Sorensen, Location 146.0
Bruce Bovey, Lucile 205.0 Jeff Call, Design 119.3
Susan Meisner, POE 198.0
HQ Individual Top 3 by Exercise Hours
Bill Foust, Rec. Insp 90.0 Dianna Hoffecker, Operations 350.0
District 3 Individual Top 3 by Exercise Hours
Sherry Buwalda, Business Support 188.8
Michael Copeland, Construction 300.0 Suzanne Hawkins, Financial Srvs. 170.0
Sherill Allen, POE 262.8    
Judy St Germain 149.0    
FHWA vs. ITD Competition
ITD Team = 96 Average Hours FHWA Team = 85 Average Hours















Published 10-22-2010