Directive prohibits use of cell phones,
devices while operating
ITD vehicles

All ITD employees,

Safety is a key objective of ITD Executive Management. Safety is part of the department’s strategic plan; it is one of our performance measures; and it is one of the key objectives in the new long-range system plan. Since safety on the roadways receives such high attention for those who travel on Idaho’s highways, it is equally important to management that employees set an example to others and be as safe as possible.

In an effort to model safe driving practices, effective October 25, 2010, all department personnel are prohibited from using a cell phone or other messaging device, including hands-free or text messaging operations, for any reason while operating a moving ground vehicle or piece of off-road motorized equipment to perform work duties for ITD. Examples include, but are not limited to, automobiles, pickups, trucks, snow plows, cranes, boom trucks, bucket trucks, backhoes, excavators, loaders, motor graders, rollers, tractors of any kind, etc.

The only approved communication device is an ITD radio when required.

Drivers on ITD business are required to stop the vehicle in a safe location to safely use a cell phone or other messaging or electronic device other than the two-way radio.

ITD employees riding as passengers may use the cell phone, including text messaging.

Published 10-22-2010