AASHTO: Stimulus provides jobs, improves transportation

This summer, states have pumped $25.5 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment into transportation projects – an economic investment that has created good jobs for thousands of workers while producing long-lasting benefits for the users of highways, bridges and transit across America.
In a report released today by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the transportation “summer of recovery” has achieved true progress, according to economists, contractors, workers and officials across the country.  In the report, More Projects and Paychecks, economist Mark Zandi calls the Recovery Act “good economic policy,” bringing back hundreds of millions of dollars into the U.S. Treasury through federal income taxes and other business taxes that would not have been generated through any other source.  Indiana contractor Greg Mobley said, “without stimulus, we’d be in a world of hurt.”
As of August 31, more than 17,200 individual projects were out to bid, under contract or under construction.  From massive paving projects and bridge reconstruction to new accessible sidewalks and transit buses, every state has moved quickly to identify and get these projects underway.  The result:  Less congestion, safer roads, bridges, and transit systems, smoother rides, improved environment, and jobs, jobs, jobs.  
I have attached for your information a PDF version of the report, talking points, and a news release.  We plan to present the report tomorrow to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and the rest of Congress.  More information, including state examples of projects, will also be available at our website at http://recovery.transportation.org <http://recovery.transportation.org/> .
As we move into the fall recess period, it will be critical for all of us to raise our voices with our Members of Congress and point to the successes of the Recovery Act and the importance in Congress passing a multi-year, long-term transportation bill by the end of 2010.  We must sustain the momentum and the jobs we’ve generated to achieve a longer-lasting recovery.  
As always, thanks for your assistance and that of your staff.  Together, we are making a difference in transportation!
John Horsley
Executive Director
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Published 10-1-2010