ITD Mailbox

Between a rock and a blank spot

Brian Ness,
ITD Director

I recently had the pleasure of working with two of your employees, Steve Holland and Wayne Curtis, and wanted to share my experiences with you.

My great, great grandfather Pugh came out on the Oregon Trail in 1846, and it was reported in our family history book that he carved his name in a rock at Rock Creek in Idaho. After looking up Rock Creek Camp in Idaho, we stopped there on our way to St. George, Utah, to see this “rock.” We could not find this rock anywhere and were very disappointed. We were told by the caretaker that maybe this rock was taken to Boise to a historical museum. Naturally, I was very disappointed in not finding this marker.

When we got home from our trip, I contacted your website regarding Oregon Trail markers to see what happened to this rock. I was promptly contacted by Steve Holland who had been assigned to help me. He first of all informed me that there were several “Rock Creeks” along the Oregon Trail and would see what he could do to locate a rock that the pioneers wrote their names on.

After giving Mr. Holland a little more information, he informed me about Register Rock, which is the place that pioneers signed their names, which was only about 30 miles from the other Rock Creek Camp we had gone to. Mr. Holland then contacted another employee, Wayne Curtis, who took pictures of the rock and sent them to me.

This service your two employees gave was above and beyond any response I expected. I wanted to recognize their efforts in helping solve my problem and thank you and them for going the extra mile. I look forward to our next road trip to see the correct “rock” and find my ancestor’s name.

Mary Kirchner,

DMV experience smooth and efficient

Brian Ness,
ITD Director

Last Friday (Aug. 13) I renewed my drivers license at your facility in Coeur d’Alene.

When we arrived, the room was packed with people of all ages, and my first reaction was, "well this will be an all-day affair." How wrong could one be?

The staff of this office moved people through expeditiously with skill, accuracy and finesse. What a courteous group of ladies.

For years, as a dealer and as a regular customer, I have used the services of the license plate and title people and have been always so very pleased with all of those ladies with their courteous attitude and efficiency.

Someone from Boise has to give those employees the kudos they so deserve.

Robert B. McSherry,

Published 8-20-2010