Direct from the Director
Hiring freeze is cautious response to economic uncertainty

ITD employees,

As a hedge against the uncertain economy and funding for the department, I have decided to broaden the department’s cautious approach to filling vacant positions by initiating a hiring freeze. The hiring freeze will be in place until further notice.

It makes more sense to freeze hiring than to lay people off if the economy slows even further. In addition, I am looking at ways we might become more efficient, including reorganizing the department. It would be short-sighted to continue to fill vacant positions that could be impacted by the potential shifting or combining of job responsibilities.

As I traveled the state meeting with you the last few months, we discussed the need to keep positions open to ease our budget crunch. I understand the additional burden this places on many of you and appreciate your efforts to continue to meet the expectations of Idaho’s citizens within the limited resources available.

There will be one exception to this decision – when it can be demonstrated that filling a position is critical to public safety. It’s possible there may be other exceptions, but I will be personally reviewing every request.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the department and Idaho during this budget crunch. Your service is critical to the state’s safety and its economic recovery. Hard times can provide an opportunity to look at everything we do with utmost scrutiny. I challenge each of you to identify ways to become even more efficient and effective. Through innovative and creative solutions to our current challenges, we can weather the storm and become an even better organization.

Brian W. Ness,

Published 8-20-2010