July 23, 2010

New Hires
D-4 Rian Pine IT Information Systems Technician
  Julie Roseborough Port of Entry Inspector Trainee
D-5 Ryan Christensen Storekeeper
  Ronald Samora Transportation Technician Apprentice
D-6 Robert Shaffer Transportation Technician Apprentice
HQ John Primrose Technical Records Specialist 1
D-3 Mark Campbell Transportation Technician, Principle, Engineering
D-4 David Huntington Transportation Technician, Principle, Engineering
Retirements - July
D-2 Jean Ward  Admin. Asst. 1 (27 years)
D-6 Dean Berggren POE Area Supervisor (29 years)
HQ William Ambron  IT Information Systems Tech. (12 years)
  Laurie McAllister IT Systems Integration Analyst Sr. (30 years)

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