— Accolades
HRD trainer Tony Loomer indispensable
in making AAMVA presentations come alive

To Ken Angell, Human Resource Development

I’m writing to you to commend your team member, Tony Loomer. At the end of the recently past month of June, I was at the last minute assigned the responsibility  to be the IT technician to cover the AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators) Conference in the absence of the original technician nominated for this task. For this purpose, I had to prepare all our computer and peripheral equipment to take it to the conference center. I setup four laptops and a Xerox Printer for a Cyber Café, setup the AAMVA office with a laptop and a printer, setup and have ready laptops and projectors for presenters during the conference, and coordinated all our technical needs with the IT technician at the Boise Centre.

This year the AAMVA Conference occurred at the Boise Centre during the days June 28th through July 1st. We had our official AAMVA meeting on Sunday, June 27th during the morning and part of the afternoon with the whole ITD team and Sheila Prior, the AAMVA Coordinator for Regions III and IV and the organizer of this event in Boise. At that moment I realized that we would need assistance with Media presentations.

On Monday, June 28th was a registration time for the participants and we were able to have all our systems working ready for the Conference. Then Sheila told me there would be a Memorial Service scheduled during the opening session on Tuesday first thing in the morning. This would include a slide presentation and it was considered an extremely important point for the whole ceremony.

That Monday afternoon Sheila handed me the file with the slide presentation and she wanted me to edit it with a special music that we had to download from the Web. That was the moment that I thought about Tony Loomer at our Headquarters because I knew that he was good with media presentations. Then I came back to my office and I asked him for help. He immediately started working on my request after I explained him what I needed. Even better, he proposed that I work with Photoshop Elements 8 to convert the original slide presentation into a WMA file as a final product for a better and professional look. He worked very dedicated to this project and he handed me the slide presentation to take it to Sheila.

I came back with the document to show to Sheila and then after she saw it she explained me it needed some changes. We needed to add two more slides and also to improve the timing of the music with the slides. Sheila was very busy that afternoon and at last minute she was able to hand me the two extra slides that needed to be added. Then I contacted Tony again and I explained to him about these modifications. It was about 3:30 p.m. that afternoon and I knew that he was leaving about 4 p.m. He said that he would wait for me. I raced against the time and I was back at the office to give Tony the new two extra slides and then he worked his talent, fixing the whole slide presentation.

I ran back to the Boise Centre and we ran a test of this slide presentation with Sheila and Bonnie Fogdall at the Summit room that evening. Then Sheila approved it and she was very satisfied with the final result of the slide presentation.

Tony also helped me fix a problem with a Power Point presentation from the Nevada representative that included a video, but it wasn’t showing it. This slide presentation was scheduled to be shown at the closing ceremony during the Idaho state banquet on the night of Thursday, July 1st.  In this case, Tony also converted the whole slide presentation into a WMA file and the show was flawless that night.

I was extremely fortunate to have had Tony to help me since he wasn’t teaching any course during that time. And mainly because he was able to share all his talent working with media presentations under such a short notice.

Tony’s help made the ITD team shine greatly at the recent AAMVA Conference in Boise this year. Tony ran the extra mile without hesitation and always with a friendly, knowledgeable and professional attitude in helping us with this project.

Sheila Prior has recently sent me a thank you note for my help during the AAMVA Conference that I wanted to share with you. Part of this note is credit to Tony.

Through this mail it is my purpose to formally and publicly commend Tony Loomer for the excellent service he provided me and in consequence to the AAMVA Conference 2010.

Sergio Aranguiz
IT Systems Technician

Published 7-23-2010