Half of Garrity Bridge reduced to rubble

The westbound (northern-most) portion of the Garrity Boulevard Interchange bridge was demolished last week as part of a major expansion of Interstate 84 in the Treasure Valley. The middle section had been removed earlier, and the eastbound portion (the southern-most piece) is due to come down in late December or early January.

The project started in January and is due to wrap up next summer.

I-84 is being widened to three lanes each way in the Nampa area, from Franklin Boulevard to Garrity Boulevard. Two other projects also are under way in that section to accommodate the widening, which should be complete by early summer 2012.  A total of $41.3 million in GARVEE bonds is financing construction of the three projects.

Photo: Provided by Concrete Placing Co., of Boise.


Published 7-23-2010