New computer policy needs employee signatures

Over the last couple of years, many things have changed related to the use of computer systems. For example, the vast amount of information available on the Internet can be very useful in conducting research, and the widely accepted use of e-mail has become a primary method of communication.

These trends have opened the door for myriad threats to network and system security, and for the potential violation of employment laws. With this in mind, it is the intent of ITD to ensure ethical, efficient and productive utilization of all computer resources within the agency.

As a result, the department’s Computer, E-mail and Internet Use Policy A-22-02 has been revised. You also have noticed that a policy reminder message is displayed on your computer when you sign on each day. This message refers not only to ITD’s policy but to the state’s policies as well.

Linked below is the updated policy and policy acknowledgment form A-22-02 SE that ALL employees, including temporary employees must sign. Supervisors and managers must ensure all employees receive the policy and have a chance to discuss it to ensure understanding.

If you have interns and consultants who have access to ITD’s computer systems, they too must read ITD’s policy and sign acknowledgment form A-22-02 SA. Employees can either access the state’s policies at Search for P1040-Employee Mail and Messaging Use, P1050-Employee Internet Use and P1060-Employee Personal Computer Use, or they can open the corresponding attachments to this e-mail.

Once ITD employees have signed the acknowledgment form they should return it to Human Resources, attention Judy Davis. HR will file all acknowledgment forms in the employee’s official personnel file here in Headquarters. If HR does not receive a signed acknowledgment form we will be contacting employees to follow up. If you have a consultant or intern please keep the signed acknowledgment form as documentation should the need arise.

Please call either Jon Pope or Mary Harker with questions or concerns.

See ITD policy

Published 7-23-2010