CTAI to explain transit needs to governor's task force

The Community Transportation Association of Idaho will provide an estimate of Idaho’s unmet public transportation needs next week when it meets with a governor’s task force subcommittee.

CTAI will give a presentation Wednesday for the Public Transportation Subcommittee of the Governor’s Taskforce for Modernizing Transportation funding. CTAI's cost estimates are based on the current unmet strategies outlined in I-way’s 17 local mobility plans, interviews with public transportation providers and the transportation plans of the five metropolitan planning organizations in Idaho

The meeting will be from 8 a.m. to noon in the House Majority Caucus Room, E403, fourth floor of the Idaho Capitol.

CTAI will encourage the subcommittee to consider a variety of funding mechanisms to help meet current needs and to fund future projects that meet the goals of improving coordination and connectivity, and supporting multiple modes of transportation around the state.

“We will have greater success in affecting positive change in our funding options and creating affordable, accessible mobility options by coming together through I-way’s local planning process, which is allowing citizens' voices to be heard not only at the local level, but at the legislative level,” said an I-Way representative.

Published 7-23-2010