E-mail services migrating to new server

Enterprise Technology Services this week began converting ITD’s e-mail system from a 2003 Exchange server to newer technology that uses a 2007 Exchange server. The differences for users are relatively minor and will provide added benefits to our end users, explains ITD Chief Technology Officer Jon Pope.

The upgrade is necessary in order to replace “end-of-life” computers to ensure the system remains reliable.

The three most noticeable differences are:

1) If you have a “smart phone” you will be prompted to accept a new security feature before retrieving e-mail by phone. ITD does not enforce any smartphone security policies; rather the “accept” requirement is a function of the new system.

2) Outlook Web Access will be significantly updated, and be more consistent with using the normal Outlook application, and

3) Functionality will improve for scheduling meetings. The new exchange server will make it easier to book resources and schedule large groups in meetings while reducing schedule conflicts, Pope explained.

Outlook users will not have access to their mailbox during the migration, which will take several minutes, said ETS’s Kathryn Romano.

The migration began last week at Headquarters and is being done alphabetically. Romano said the process involves automated and manual intervention and is being done after regular work hours as a convenience for users. Once the transition is complete at Headquarters – perhaps as early as this week – her group (Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations) will begin working on e-mail accounts in each of the districts. The full migration will take place over the coming weeks, she said.

After each mailbox and associated files are moved, users will be able to access e-mail again, however it can take up to an hour to regain full functionality of the mailbox across all devices, Pope said.

Please note: The address for Outlook Web Access (e-mail via the web) will change to: https://mail.itd.idaho.gov/owa

For more information, contact the ETS Service Desk at ext. 8175.

Published 7-16-2010