Arizona company wins bid on unique bridge contracting method

An article in the June 11 Transporter in introduced a new concept by District 3 to combine similar bridge projects into a menu for contractors. The new project bidding method has the potential to save time and money. Bids opened Tuesday on the bridge-deck package, and Truesdell Corp. of Tempe, Ariz., was the apparent low bidder. The firm's proposal was to to do all 10 bridges – 10,435.5 square yards of bridge decks – for the $700,000 price tag.

The bridges include the Boise River Bridge at Diversion Dam, one at Chapman Creek, and the rest are along Mores Creek. The company had an option to do a mandatory bridge and select one or more of the remaining bridges. Tresdell elected to bid on all 10.

Construction likely will begin in late July or early August, and finish before winter arrives – just in time for the traveling public to benefit from the new riding surface on the rather snowy Idaho 21 route.

Published 6-25-2010