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Thanks for help with license renewal

Jeanne Purcell
Driver Services, Division of Motor Vehicles
I thought you would want to be advised as to one person’s gratefulness for Naomi Rawls' outstanding customer service and kindness.

One week ago, I was in San Diego on business and discovered that I was unable to rent a car because my driver’s license had expired. Needless to say, I was surprised and immediately went into problem-solving mode.

I started to think through my options and decided to call the DMV to see if there was any possibility of getting a renewal by fax. I received information as to how to contact your office, so I called about 4 p.m. and Naomi answered. I fully expected to be told that she could fax the application but that she would not be able to process it until the next day, which would mean that I would be stranded in another state without a way to get around.

Naomi listened patiently as I explained my sorrowful story and did not sound annoyed or frustrated at my need for her assistance. In fact, she was cheerful and efficient. She not only faxed the form to San Diego on my behalf, but when I faxed it back to her a couple of minutes later, she had the extension processed and faxed back directly to me in no more than five minutes.

The whole process, from start to finish, was less than 10 minutes! The women in the office at Point Loma University (I was on campus for a meeting and they allowed me to use their fax machine) were shocked that someone would respond that quickly. They mentioned it several times and said they had never seen anything like it.

I just wanted to formally acknowledge how much Naomi went out of her way to help me and how much I appreciated her efforts and kindness. So many times people are too busy to really invest in customer service and individuals can feel like we are a burden. However, Naomi assisted me as through I was the only customer she had (even though she is probably quite busy).

Naomi is an asset to your office and I value her as a person who cares about superior customer service. She had already done more for me by just being patient and kind about listening and getting me the form. Then she went even further and completed the whole process in an amazingly short period of time. I was able to get back to the car rental office and pick up my car that same afternoon. Naomi’s kindness and efficient skills are very much appreciated and it would be impossible to explain how grateful I have been for all of her assistance.

Sherry Hartman
Director of Human Services
Northwest Nazarene University,

Signs of extraordinary effort

Mr. Dave Jones,
I am writing to let you know that you have one very outstanding employee, and I would like you to recognize her at your next office/departmental meetings so that others know about her great customer service.

All too often supervisors and managers receive letters or phone calls about poor performance of their employees, this is not on of those letters. You should know that your Volunteer Services Coordinator Sherie Sweaney did an outstanding job in her dealings with myself and Idaho City Ambulance.

Back in February of 2006, Idaho City Ambulance applied for and received a section of Highway 21 for Adopt-A-Highway. As we all know, not much is done on this stretch of highway during the winter other than snow removal. I had contacted Idaho Transportation Department and requested that the signage for our section of cleanup be posted sometime in May. I’m sorry to say that we never saw the signs go up. I made a few more calls with no results, however I finally was put in touch with Sherie Sweaney.

I told her that our volunteer group had set a date of 10 June to complete their first clean up of our section, however we really would have liked to have our name on the sign before we did it.

Sherie jumped in with both feet and attempted to locate signs and get them put up before our event, however after an exhausting search, she found that the signs could not be located. She notified me that the signs would have to be reordered and it would take about six weeks before they would be ready, and encouraged us to continue with the cleanup as planned, though the signs would not be ready for sometime.

I was a bit discouraged that I would have to tell my group that the signs would not be ready, but I shared with them Sherie’s diligence and hard work to try and make this a reality. Our group already donates 720 hours each month attempting to keep a volunteer ambulance in service to protect the citizens and visitors of East Boise County safe. It can be pretty difficult to ask for more from them if you know what I mean. The team agreed to press forward and to do the clean up.

Sherie made one last ditch effort to attempt to get the signs made and delivered to the Idaho City ITD folks the Friday before our event. I understand that Sherie talked to the sign shop and got the signs made, however due to the overall lateness of everything they did not get delivered or installed in time for our event.

I just wanted to let you know that I believe that she did everything she could have done to help us out on such short notice. She went out of her way to ensure that we were assigned the right stretch of highway and locate our signs. When they could not be located, she had new ones made; now that is customer service!

I don’t know if this is truly above and beyond her normal job duties, but in my eyes and the eyes of other volunteers, she is an outstanding employee. If we had paid positions, I would have probably offered her a job. Please thank her for us.

On behalf of the Volunteers of Idaho City Ambulance, I would like to thank her for everything that she has done to assist us.

Erik D. Cotten
Idaho City Ambulance

Published 10-6-06