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Coeur d'Alene driver best of the best
in annual 'roadeo' competition

In a competition where being close (without contact) means everything, a slim 37-point margin separated first and second place in the annual ITD truck roadeo held at the Athol Maintenance gravel site north of Coeur d’Alene.

When the dust (or rain) settled, Marc Johnson of Coeur d’Alene’s South and East Maintenance Section claimed his first state championship, scoring 3,375 points.

Dan Davis, from the Cascade Maintenance Section in District 3, found himself in familiar territory, finishing as runner-up for the third time. He also was second in 2002 and again the following year. As a second-place finisher in state competition, Davis advanced to the national APWA (American Public Works Association) Snow & Ice Conference roadeo finals in Denver and Estes Park, Colo.

Johnson took second place at the state competition in 1999 and competed in the national finals in Greeley, Colo.

Robin Freeman, who also is a regular in the battle for first at the state contest, took third this year with 3,298 points. He won the state title in 2003.

Rounding out the top 10 this year were:

4. Mark Schuster, District 2, Fleming Maintenance (Foreman)
5. Mike Rearden, District 1, Traffic Services
6. Jarrett Porter, District 4, Shoshone Maintenance
7. Bruce Dial, District 5, Striping Crew
8. Mike Preagitzer, District 4, District Shop (Shop Superintendent)
9. Jerry Bauer, District 5, American Falls Maintenance, (lead worker)
10. Dave Steen, District 4, Twin Falls Maintenance

The top three finishers at district roadeos along with the top foreman from each district advanced to the state competition held in June. In all, 183 ITD workers competed for the chance to advance to state and eventually national finals.

Only 77 points separated the top three spots at the state competition, and just 330 separated first and 10th place.

Final scores reflected an average of two rounds through the truck driving and loader operator courses, a truck inspection and a written exam. Participants were given 10 minutes to find five “planted” defects in the truck inspection category and 10 minutes to answer 10 multiple-choice questions.

The 2005 national competition is scheduled for Sept. 27-30 at the annual APWA Western Snow & Ice Conference in Estes Park, Colo. The top two state finishers advance to the national finals.“The roadeo had extremely good participation this year,” said organizer Rex Hufford of Headquarters. “As usual, we had to contend with a variety of weather conditions. The food was fantastic.”

Nearly 200 people judged or watched the state roadeo. Hufford said he wanted to recognize and thank individuals who contributed their time and effort to organize and stage the roadeo:

• “To everyone who came out and judged. Without judges, it’s difficult to have a roadeo and with rain, wind, and thunder it’s sometimes hard being a judge. Thank you for being a judge and supporting your district’s contestants.

• To all the district roadeo coordinators and other individuals who helped gather material, set up the courses, cook and serve food, keep score and do whatever else needed to be done. I have enjoyed working with all of you.

• Last, congratulations to District 1 and to Marc Johnson for winning the state competition and congratulations to all the district winners. Marc Johnson’s name has been added to the state traveling trophy and will be on display in the District 1 main office building.

Participants at the state roadeo finals
Athol Maintenance gravel site
District 1

District 1
1. Marc Johnson, Coeur d’Alene, South & East Maintenance
2. Jeff Kiecker, Special Crew
3. Mike Rearden, Traffic Services .
Foreman: Dave Oakes, St. Maries Maintenance (Foreman)

District 2
1. Sean Sargent, Kendrick Maintenance
2. Lonnie Crume, Potlatch Maintenance
3. Frank Allen, District 2 Shop
Foreman: Mark Schuster, Fleming Maintenance (Foreman)

District 3
1. Juan Salinas, Caldwell Maintenance
2. Robin Freeman, Council Maintenance
3. Kraig Spelman, New Meadows Maintenance
Foreman: Dan Davis, Cascade Maintenance (lead worker)

District 4
1. Rick Connell, Shoshone Maintenance
2. Jarrett Porter, Shoshone Maintenance
3. Dave Steen, Twin Falls Maintenance
Foreman: Mike Praegitzer, District 4 Shop (Shop Superintendent)

District 5
1. Justin Skinner, Montpelier Maintenance
2. Bruce Dial, Striping Crew
3. Shawn Stockton, Montpelier Maintenance
Foreman: Jerry Bauer, American Falls Maintenance (lead worker)

District 6
1. Allen Rainsdon, Dubois Maintenance
2. Craig Stewart, Arco Maintenance
3. Trent Maupin, Ashton Maintenance
Foreman: Ron Atchley, Ashton Maintenance

Past results

2004 State competition
1. Dale Fremont, District 6, Ashton Maintenance, first at state competition. (Dale has since moved to South Dakota where he accepted a job with the South Dakota Department of Transportation)
2. George Schutes, District 1, Bonners Ferry Maintenance
Snow & Ice Conference in Denver, Colorado

• ITD placed 9th & 35th in loaders out of 66 contestants.
• (rained extremely hard, could not see course very well, cost valuable time)
• ITD placed 12th in single axle trucks out of 46 teams.
• ITD placed 5th in tandem axle trucks out of 51 teams
• ITD placed 12 & 30th in the motor grader competition out of 34 contestants.
• (ITD personnel do not operate motor grader as much as local “county” employees do).

2003 State competition
1. Robin Freeman, District 3, Council Maintenance
2. Dan Davis, District 3, Cascade Maintenance (lead worker)
Snow & Ice Conference in Greeley, Colorado

• ITD placed 8th & 13th in loaders out of 47 contestants
• ITD placed 8th in single axle trucks out of 41 teams
• ITD placed 12th in tandem axle trucks out of 33 teams
• ITD placed 10th in the motor grader competition out of 37 contestants.
• (ITD personnel do not operate motor grader as much as local “county” employees do).

2001 State competition
1. Jarrett Porter, District 4, Shoshone Maintenance.
APWA Snow & Ice Conference in Estes Park, Colorado

• Jarrett won the national final’s loader competition at the national title.

Photos: A dump truck equipped with a snow plow maneuvered through an obstacle course to simulate the precision needed for snow plowing (top); a loader operator's skill is challenged by driving over moguls without losing a basketball balanced on the front (bottom).