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Discarded duffle delays ferry four hours

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
BAINBRIDGE – A bomb scare on a state ferry caused an evacuation and a four-hour shutdown of Seattle-Bainbridge ferry service this week, but the suspicious duffel bag that started the commotion turned out to be harmless.

A bomb squad used an X-ray machine to rule out that the suspicious bag found in a trash can on the Wenatchee's car deck contained explosives. It contained nothing but "personal effects," Washington State Patrol Trooper Glen Tyrrell said.

While authorities were assessing the situation, the ferry Tacoma was in Seattle ready to depart for the island. It was rerouted to Kingston, Patterson said, to accommodate those folks who needed to cross the Sound.

Kitsap Transit also dispatched buses to the Kingston terminal to assist foot passengers who might have been left in a lurch.

The Wenatchee went back into service on the route at 4:15 p.m., Patterson said. Because those with cars had mostly driven to alternative terminals, the afternoon backlog cleared as soon as that ferry sailed.

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