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U.S. 20 Corridor Planning group considers input


Eleven improvement alternatives have been drafted to address the corridor goals, reflect public comments and satisfy the corridor’s operational needs for the next 20 years. Among the alternatives are:
  • Corridor-wide improvements:
    Additional passing lanes and widening shoulders
  • Last Chance area:
    Widen to five lanes, develop frontage road on the east side
  • Wildlife crossing areas:
    Improve warning signs, enhance fencing
  • Left turn improvements:
    Add left turn lane at Red Rock, maintain existing left turn lanes
  • Idaho 87/Henry’s Lake Residential area:
    reduce speed to 45 mph, improve speed limit signs
  • Recreational access and safety:
    New snowmobile and pedestrian crossing at Henry’s Lake Outlet, add snowmobile crossing signs near entrances of Harriman State Park, Yale-Kilgore Road and Mack’s Inn

Two public information meetings about a corridor study along U.S. 20 were held in District 6 this week (April 14 and 15). The open-house style meetings gave residents the opportunity to offer feedback on future improvements to the northern reach of U.S. 20 as it enters Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park.

Ultimately, ITD’s goal is to improve the safety of this stretch of highway, making certain improvements that fit within the environmental character of the area. Other project goals are to decrease congestion, minimize environmental impacts and provide access to the recreational areas that attract many travelers.

The study area is between the Ashton Bridge and the Montana state line, and includes a section of Idaho 87 between its junction with U.S. 20 and the Montana/Idaho state line near Raynolds Pass.

The U.S. 20 Corridor planning process began in February 2003, and aims to identify improvements that will meet transportation needs for the next 20 years. Local communities, agencies and stakeholders have been involved in the process to identify needs, determine alternatives and reach agreement on recommended improvements.

U.S. 20 is the primary gateway to Yellowstone National Park and provides access to major resorts and scenic byways in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

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