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Idaho Transportation Department,
On Wednesday, Feb. 25, the Federal Highway's Institute referred me to your training unit for a possible "space available" slot for me to attend ITD-sponsored FHWA's three-day course "NEPA and the Transportation Decision Making Process," beginning the following Tuesday (March 2).

I did attend and wanted first of all to express my thanks and appreciation for the opportunity. After 40 years in my field, I have attended a great many seminars. I want you to know that the assistance, hospitality and professionalism I experienced was exceptional, especially from Jennifer Brannon, training unit coordinator. She was responsive, helpful, pleasant to work with, provided the necessary advance information and made my trip efficient and productive.

If all ITD employees are as pleasant and professional as Ms. Brannon, you have quite a team. And that seems to be the case.

I had the pleasure of meeting and participating with some 30 of your employees in this course. They were bright, dedicated, focused, obviously interested and actively participated in the seminar. I was impressed.

My sincere thanks for the opportunity to join in the training session.

Gregg D. Renkes
Attorney General
State of Alaska Department of Law


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