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Blue Cross prepares to assume insurance contract

After nearly a quarter century of health insurance coverage by the same provider, the state of Idaho will move to a new provider, effective July 1.

Blue Cross of Idaho recently was selected as the FY 2005 insurance carrier for group medical, vision and behavioral health coverage, announced the Department of Administration’s Office of Group Health Insurance. The $125 million contract covers approximately 48,000 state employees, their dependents and retirees.

Boise-based Blue Cross serves 320,000 customers in Idaho.

The state’s Health Insurance Remarketing Technical Evaluation Team made its recommendation following interviews of finalists in early March. The initial “invitation to bid” for the state’s health, vision and behavioral insurance contracts was sent to 52 potential vendors last November.

“The Technical Evaluation Team thoroughly considered the responses to the requirements contained in the request for proposal, providing a comprehensive evaluation for each one,” said Pam Ahrens, Director of the Department of Administration. “We truly appreciated their commitment of time and expertise to this process.”

The team recommended continuation of the current, fully insured model for this year. Team members also suggested a feasibility study on moving to a self-insured model in the future.

For FY05, the team also suggested the state consider providing employees a choice of both the traditional coverage or a preferred provider organization (PPO) model. The latter option enables employees access to health/medical care through a network of selected health care providers, such as hospitals and physicians.

An employee advisory group helped the Department of Administration design the new health insurance plan.

ITD and other state employees can obtain the latest information about the transition to a new health insurance provider by downloading the latest benefits newsletter click here.

Employees or their dependents who receive ongoing medical treatment can learn more about the carrier transition process by contacting Blue Cross of Idaho at 331-8897 in the Boise area or 1 (866) 804-2253 from elsewhere in Idaho toll-free.

The line is answered during business hours.

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