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Thanks for expediting records

Idaho Transportation Department,
Just a quick note of commendation regarding one your employees, Roxana Marshall. She really is a life-saver and exhibited customer service above and beyond the typical call of duty.

It was imperative that I receive an original Idaho DMV report on my driving history to meet a February deadline. I had sent in the requisite $4 fee for the report, and verified that the document was mailed on Thursday, Feb. 19. Well, by Wednesday, Feb. 25, the report still had not arrived.

I called your Drivers Services division and spoke to Roxana, and explained to her my needs and the sense of urgency behind them. I scheduled a Federal Express pick-up for Thursday, Feb. 26, but, due to a communications breakdown, the document was not picked up. So I called Roxana back in a virtual panic, and she made the necessary arrangements, shipping the document out “priority overnight” on Friday, Feb. 27, to a specified location, so that I could make my deadline.

Due to her extra efforts, those relying on the document were able to review it in time for some career-oriented decisions to be be made. Thanks to Roxana, application fees were dramatically reduced. She is an asset to your staff and should receive the highest acclaim possible for her efforts. And I thought you should be personally aware of her tenacious efforts of customer service.

Honorable mention also goes to Darcy MacFarland who helped facilitate the dialogue between Roxana and myself during the course of organizing and delivering the document.

Randy Setterberg
Bullhead City, AZ

Note: Roxana also credits Jeremy Dotson of the ITD mailroom for making the fulfillment possible. He was responsible for correcting several errors that could have delayed the process and for working with Federal Express to ensure the package was picked up… “if it hadn’t been for his diligence and patience, the Fed Ex envelope probably would not have left this building… I just want to say I appreciate Jeremy’s efforts in this project…” Roxana says.

Thanks for support in time of loss

ITD colleagues,
Last month my wife, Kay, died from accidental acute methadone poisoning the morning after she returned home from the hospital after having back surgery. We are still investigating just how this happened. Kay was 49.

We have a 12-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son.

We are all doing quite well, considering the circumstances, largely due to the almost overwhelming outpouring of sympathy expressed as cards, flowers, meals and other support from the good folks at ITD, my neighbors, church and family.

Thank you.

Ernest R. Anderson, Jr.
I.T. Network Analyst, Sr.
ITD Headquarters

Online registration worth the cost – and more

Idaho Transportation Department

Your online vehicle registration is a great service. The $1 fee is a bargain. A stamp and envelope costs almost that much! I'd pay $5 to avoid standing in line at DMV! (Although the people there are all very nice!)

Thank you,

Ernest J. Thebo
(via e-mail)

U.S. 95 realignment

Senator Shawn Keough,

I write, not to complain or request assistance, but to bring you up to “speed” on the realignment of [U.S. 95] and previous problems I may have mentioned.

After the selection of Mr. Don Davis as project manager for the Idaho Transportation Department, I have seen a dramatic change of interactions between state representatives and property owners along the project route. For this, I am grateful.

Mr. Phil Davis and Jeff Faunce of Entranco Construction Services are another benefit to persons being impacted by the realignment. They are never too busy to answer questions or provide information when asked. Their concern about safety and our not being subjected to the state effects caused by the construction have always been addressed in a timely manner.

It appears that this leadership has also been instilled in others working on the project. The personnel of Kiewit Construction exhibit the same concerns, yet are able to complete their monumental undertaking and still be considered as neighbors.

I thank you for your help in the past and am looking forward to meeting.

Kenneth E. Alexander
Bonners Ferry