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ITD recycles nearly 145 pounds of cans for Ronald McDonald House

Drinking soda pop at ITD's Headquarters is benefiting hospitalized children and their families who rely on housing at Boise's Ronald McDonald House. A can drive initiated by Lowell Elementary School students generated nearly 30 bags and approximately 145 pounds of recycled cans from Headquarters the past year. The contribution was acknowledged Feb. 27 at a school assembly; John Tomkinson and Candy Smith represented the department.

"Thank you so much for your continuing commitment to Lowell Elementary's recycling effort and Ronald's house..." wrote Mary Hansen, chair of the school's pull-tab committee. "You out-did yourselves, and I'm proud that I was once a part of your great department. See you next year!"

Ronald McDonald House's recycling effort the past year included collections of nearly five tons of cans (9,651 pounds). It also included 4,147 pounds of pull tabs, 215 pounds of sheet metal and copper, 2,927 pounds of newspapers, 1,650 pounds of cardboard, 6,919 pounds of white ledger paper and cash donations of $1,085.

The Ronald McDonald House is a "home away from home" for children with serious illnesses receiving lengthy treatment or hospitalization. "Families can relax, do laundry, cook and live as normal a life as possible during their time of stress. Most important, parents can interact with others facing similar situations to lend and receive much needed support."

ITD employees are encouraged to begin saving their pop cans now for the coming year. Cans must be deposited in specially designated receptacles, Smith said. Cans are not retrieved from garbage cans.