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Military personnel urged to check license, registration

The Idaho Transportation Department is joining other state agencies to accommodate the needs of military personnel who might be deployed overseas or outside the state.

ITD’s Division of Motor Vehicles encourages military personnel to check the expiration dates of their driver’s license and motor vehicle registrations before they are called to active duty or are assigned to service outside of Idaho.

The expiration date is printed on the front of the Idaho driver’s license.

Military personnel who are nearing deployment and whose driver’s license will expire within the next 12 months can renew their license at any county driver licensing office.

A driver’s license can be renewed any time within 12 months of its expiration date.

If the expiration date is more than 12 months away, and active duty and out-of-state service appears imminent, military personnel can download an Idaho driver’s license extension form located at

The completed form should be submitted to the Idaho DMV office within six months – and preferably no later than two months – before the license expires.

Active members of the military can extend their Idaho driver’s license in four year increments while on active duty but must get a new license within 60 days of discharge from active duty.

Anyone with questions about the driver’s license renewal process can call (208) 334-8735 or send an e-mail message to

Military personnel also should check their vehicle license plates to ensure the registration does not expire during active duty.

Passenger car and motorcycle registrations generally can be renewed up to 12 months before the official expiration date. They can be renewed for one or two years. Idaho law has no provisions that allow vehicle registrations to be extended for military personnel.

Idaho vehicles can be registered from overseas or out-of-state by submitting the appropriate fee to the assessor’s office in the county that issued the vehicle registration. Military personnel may also renew their vehicles online at if the issuing county participates in the Internet registration renewal process.

Questions about vehicle registration can be directed to or (208) 334-8649.