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Crews responded quickly, without complaints

Idaho Transportation Department maintenance supervisor,

On Wednesday, Jan. 7, we had yet another day of poor weather conditions in the valley. Officers were requesting sand and plows all morning at different locations.

The ITD trucks working Interstate 84 did a great job keeping the sand down and the roads plowed.

I understand some areas were requesting sand and plows more than others, and at times there were more than one request for the same area. The drivers did not complain, to my knowledge, but responded to each call as quick as the conditions allowed.

Will you pass this on to the ITD supervisor and let him know we appreciate his plow drivers.

Sgt. Kevin White
Idaho State Police

Roadside assistance much appreciated

Idaho Transportation Department,

On Dec. 26, 2003, we had a flat tire on the highway from Mack’s Inn to Ashton. The nicest, most helpful gentleman from the Highway Dept. ran interference for us with his flashing lights, orange jacket, etc. while we changed the tire on a dangerous road in heavy snow.

We just want to thank him – and all those at the department for their selfless service.

Joe and Jeanne Groberg
Idaho Falls