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Thanks for helping with success of car rally

In conjunction with the recent Porsche Parade based in downtown Boise, I had the job of putting on a rally which covered nearly 140 miles of southwest Idaho roads.

Contrary to popular belief, road rallies are not "speed events." They emphasize watching signs and safe driving skills. A road rally essentially turns the world into a big game board and rallyists have to find their way from point A to point B using the rallymaster's directions instead of traditional routing instructions. To verify the proper route is followed at the proper speeds (always below the speed limit), checkpoints are placed along the route at locations unknown to the rallyists. Sometimes these checkpoints can be swarming with Porsches.

Of paramount importance to the success of this event, I had to make sure there would be no road projects that would delay rallyists along the route, nor recent resurfacing projects that might impede their progress. I also wanted to avoid putting 180 Porsche cars through a road project, creating unsafe conditions for the workers.

Working with representatives of the Idaho Transportation Department, Ada County Highway District, and Gem County Road and Bridge Department, I was able to learn of their plans and create a route that showed visitors from 44 states and several Canadian provinces some of southwest Idaho's most scenic roads. Doing this without encountering a road project in the middle of summer was a challenge, but we were successful!

Thanks to ITD, ACHD and GCRB for contributing to the success of the 2002 Porsche Parade Rally. Your cooperation and assistance was greatly appreciated.
Bob Pentecost
2002 Porsche Parade Rally Chairman