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Governor's Task Force on
Modernizing Transportation Funding
Executive Order 2009-11

Task Force Resource Materials
Governor's Task Force on Transportation Funding
Resources: Historical Transportation Studies

AAA Recommendations to the Governor's Task Force on Modernizing Transportation Funding - November 2010
AAA was a participating member of the Forum on Transportation Investments, a prior 18-month effort to address highway investments in Idaho. AAA has attended all the task force meetings and is a stakeholder representing motorists interests for the Cost Allocation subcommittee. That subcommittee recently deliberated on the findings of the 2010 Highway Cost Allocation Study (HCAS). N/A Link
Transportation Funding Legislation Database The National Conference of State Legislatures created a database that tracks 17 different transportation funding issues under consideration in the states. The database is intended to record current legislation and executive orders. N/A Link
NGA: How States and Territories Fund Transportation- 2009 The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices report. An overview of traditional funding mechanisms and profiles of new and innovative programs for each state. Yes
28 pages

Idaho Local Highway Financial Needs Study - June 2009

The purpose of the study was to accurately and clearly define the financial needs of the local highway jurisdictions. Brochure
3 pages
Trip Report - Future Mobility in Idaho: Meeting the State's Need for Safe and Efficient Mobility - March 2009 The report addresses the short-term impact of the federal economic stimulus package, system demands, road pavement conditions, and improving safety. No 31
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Peer Review - January 2009 The peer review examines ITD's mission, objectives, policies, resources, management practices and challenges. No 14
Idaho Transportation Department Performance Audit - January 2009 Conducted at the request of the 2008 Idaho Legislature to undertake an independent performance audit with a focus on ITD's Highway Division. No 175
Idaho's Transportation Funding Conference Final Report - November 2008 Gov. Otter and ITD sponsored seven statewide meetings to ask the public how best to pay for Idaho's deteriorating roads and bridges. Yes
5 pages
17th Annual Report on the Performance of State Highway Systems 17th annual report is a series on the condition and performance of the U.S. state-owned road system (1984-2006). No 66
NCHRP Future Financing Options to Meet Highway and Transit Needs - December 2006 Funding options for all levels of government based on estimated needs and revenue from 2007 - 2017. Yes
21 pages
Forum on Transportation Investment Report & Recommendations - January 2006 The forum examined the needs and demands for transportation improvements and funding options for Idaho's transportation system. Yes
23 pages
Idaho Transportation Resource Task Force Report of Findings and Conclusions - March 2003 The report analyzes options to expand Idaho's ability to finance transportation needs. No 67
Legislative Interim Committee on Transportation - January 1996 The committee reviewed the justification for additional highway funding. No 14
Idaho Highway Needs Assessment Study Update - June 1995 A study to determine the extent to which economic and highway conditions have changed and to determine additional highway needs. Yes
16 pages
Local Jurisdiction Highway Needs Assessment Study - February 1990 The first comprehensive analysis measuring the backlog of highway needs for Idaho's system. Yes
15 pages
The Economic Impact of Roads on the Idaho Economy - November 1989 The study analyzes the State's road system from an economic impact perspective. N/A 16

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