General Fund Surplus Revenue

The Idaho Transportation Board selected road and bridge projects Dec. 17 for maintenance and repair work as part of the Idaho Transportation Department’s Strategic Initiatives Program (SIP), authorized by the Idaho Legislature. Selections came from a pool of projects based on analysis of each project’s return on investment in the areas of safety, mobility, economic opportunity, bridge repair and maintenance, and right-of-way purchases.

“These funds will lead to immediate improvements in safety and increase mobility for drivers across Idaho,” said ITD Director Brian Ness. “As you'll read in these descriptions, the projects also will enhance economic opportunity by creating jobs and getting more goods and services to market, along with increasing tourism and recreational opportunities.”

New User Fee Revenue

The Idaho Transportation Board voted in May 2015 to move a group of 27 projects forward using funds recently allocated by the Idaho Legislature in the state’s first transportation-revenue increase in nearly two decades. Doing so enabled the advancement of dozens of other critically needed road and bridge projects statewide in the future. Several of those first 27 projects have already been completed.

“ITD was ready to implement these new projects as soon as the money was available because our staff plans five years ahead. This forward thinking allowed us to quickly reinvest the revenue increase, creating jobs, enhancing economic opportunity and, most importantly, improving safety for our citizens,” said ITD Director Brian Ness. “Now that we've advanced these projects, it allows us to move up other critically needed road and bridge projects in the planning process.”