ITD Projects Southwest Idaho Karcher Road Improvements

Other Karcher Road Improvements

In addition to improvements at Karcher and Middleton, the Idaho Transportation Department is planning improvements at several other intersections along Karcher. Those improvements are listed below:

Karcher & Lake Avenue: Key Number: 12383

Description: This project proposes to widen and signalize the existing intersection. Currently it is a two-way stop controlled with signs on Lake Avenue. Karcher will have five lanes through the intersection, a dedicated left-turn lane, one though lane and one combination right turn/auxiliary through lane per side. Lake Avenue will have three lanes, two through lanes and one protected left-turn lane per side. Signals in this area will be coordinated to maximize efficiency of the through movements. Construction is expected to take place in summer 2016.

Karcher & Midway: Key Number: 13025

Description: This project will be similar to the improvements at Karcher & Lake - just a mile further east. Construction is also anticipated in FY16.

Karcher & Nampa/Caldwell Blvd: Key Number: 13033

Description: This is an intersection safety improvement project. ITD will evaluate the intersection and to recommend safety improvement measures that can be constructed in the existing right of way and without requiring additional road surface. Possible improvements might include advanced signing, traffic signal improvements, or changes to signal timing and coordination.

Karcher and Indiana: Key Number: 13475

Description: This project will have the same improvements as those at Karcher & Lake and at Karcher & Midway. The centerline of the intersections will be adjusted slightly to comply with the recently completed SH 55 corridor study, which looked at minimizing environmental impacts of future improvements to Karcher Road.


Adam Rush, ITD, Public Involvement Coordinator
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