ITD Projects Southwest Idaho Broadway Bridge Replacement Project

Broadway Avenue (US 20/26) Bridge Replacement Project

Project Facts
Key Number: 11588
Project Number: A011(588)

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is replacing the existing bridge over the Boise River on Broadway Avenue (US 20/26), rebuilding and widening Broadway Avenue from University Drive to Myrtle Street and repaving Broadway Avenue from Myrtle Street to Front Street. The current bridge is over 50 years old and needs to be rebuilt.

This project is still in the early stages of design and public input is important. ITD is committed to working with the community to design the new bridge and rebuild it with minimal impacts to the public.

Project Background

Broadway Avenue is a gateway into Boise from I-84 and is one of Idaho’s busiest highways. The Broadway Bridge over the Boise River is surrounded by a vibrant community with Boise State University on the south and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center on the north. Traffic across the Broadway Bridge is especially high during BSU football games and events in and near downtown Boise.

Design and safety standards for bridges have become much more stringent since the current bridge was built in 1956. The bridge is showing signs of wear that could become serious issues in future years. The Broadway Bridge was originally built in 1892. The new bridge will be the second time this structure has been replaced.

Another reason the Broadway Bridge needs to be replaced is because it is too narrow for the high volumes of cars, pedestrians and bicyclists that travel over the structure, particularly during local community and BSU events. On average, 24,500 cars travel across the Broadway Bridge each day along with many pedestrians and bicyclists.

The new bridge will have a 75-year design life to meet current and future community demands.

Project Description

The project will include:

  1. Designing a new bridge and roadway improvements
  2. Removing the existing bridge
  3. Building a new bridge and completing roadway improvements
  4. Conducting an environmental evaluation
  5. Improving traffic flow and pedestrian/bicycle safety
  6. Repaving Broadway Avenue between University Drive and Front Street
  7. Improving the Greenbelt pathway in the project area

Replacing bridges is a complex, environmentally sensitive process. ITD will work to minimize the impacts to the Boise River, nearby historical/archeological sites and parks.

Schedule and Funding

Anticipated construction of the new Broadway Bridge will begin in late 2015. The cost to design and build the Broadway Bridge and other roadway improvements will be approximately $16 million.

Public Involvement

Over the past year, the Idaho Transportation Department hosted a series of design workshops for the bridge replacement project. All workshop materials and summaries are available at the upper right-hand toolbar on this website.

A community open house will be held in 2014 to present and gather input on final design option with the public.

Please continue to check this webpage for updates.

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Project Manager
Mark Campbell
(208) 334-8946

ITD Public Involvement Coordinator
Adam Rush
(208) 334-8119

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Project Materials
  1. Project Fact Sheet
Public Workshops & Open Houses

  1. Aug. 22, 2013 Design Workshop
    1. Agenda
    2. Welcome/Thank You Board
    3. PowerPoint Presentation
    4. Option 1
    5. Option 2
    6. Option 3
    7. Workshop Summary
  2. May 2, 2013 Design Workshop
    1. Agenda
    2. PowerPoint
    3. Classic Option
    4. Modern Option
    5. Unique Option
    6. Pier Cap Options
    7. Workshop Summary
  3. Feb. 28, 2013 Design Workshop
    1. Agenda
    2. PowerPoint
    3. Summary

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