Distracted Driving Resources


 Idaho  Resources
Texting Public Service Announcement - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvqF_bHdar0&list=UUULOgd2FNzmWtXfGeb-3vlA

Just Drive Pledge - http://www.ktvb.com/features/just-drive/

Focus on the Drive - http://justfocusonthedrive.com/

National  Resources
DISTRACTION.gov - NHTSA's page for distracted driving - http://www.distraction.gov/

GHSA (Governors Highway Safety Association) - texting laws http://www.ghsa.org/html/stateinfo/laws/cellphone_laws.html#7

Utah - ZERO Fatalities, A Goal We Can All Live With - Texting and Driving Destroys Lives video http://www.zerofatalities.com/

AT&T - Dangers of Texting and Driving: http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=2964

TxtResponsibly.org, raise awareness for the dangers of texting and driving - http://txtresponsibly.org/

Hands-Free Info - reduce the confusion over local laws, http://handsfreeinfo.com

Oprah's No Phone Zone - http://www.oprah.com/packages/no-phone-zone.html


Youthful Drivers
Idaho Teen Driving - http://www.idahoteendriving.org

GEICO Teen Driving Resources - http://www.geico.com/information/safety/auto/safety-library/teen-driving-resources/

NOYS (National Organizations for Youth Safety) - http://www.noys.org

AAA Foundation - Teen Driving Site - Keys2Drive - http://teendriving.aaa.com/ID/

Allstate Teen Driver - Pledge to X THE TEXT http://www.allstateteendriver.com/


OSHA (Occupational Safety and health Organization) - http://www.osha.gov/distracted-driving/index.html

NSC (National Safety Council) - Employer tool kit for distracted driving

NETS (Network of Employers for Traffic Safety) - http://trafficsafety.org/safety/risk/distracted-driving-resources




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