Highway Safety Contacts

You can reach the Highway Safety section at (208) 334-8100 or FAX (208) 334-4430, or contact the following directly:


John Tomlinson, Highway Safety Manager
Phone: (208) 334-8557
E-mail: John.Tomlinson@itd.idaho.gov

Eva Escalante, Administrative Assistant
OHS Support, Safety, Educational, and Information Materials
Phone: (208) 334-8100
E-mail: Eva.Escalante@itd.idaho.gov

VACANT, Grants/Contracts Officer
Alcohol Programs, Ignition Interlock Coordinator
Phone: (208) 334-8125

Lisa Losness, Grants/Contracts Officer
SHSP Coordinator, Idaho Highway Safety Coalition, Law Enforcement Liaison Coordinator
Phone: (208) 334-8103
E-mail: Lisa.Losness@itd.idaho.gov

Josephine Middleton, Grants/Contracts Officer
Aggressive Driving, Distracted Driving, Motorcycle Safety, Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety
Phone: (208) 334-8112
E-mail: Josephine.Middleton@itd.idaho.gov

Margaret Goertz, Grants/Contracts Officer
Youthful Drivers, Traffic Records
Phone:  (208) 334-8104
E-mail: Margaret.Goertz@itd.idaho.gov

Sherry Jenkins, Grants/Contracts Officer
Adult Occupant Protection, Child Passenger Safety
Phone: (208) 334-4460
E-mail: Sherry.Jenkins@itd.idaho.gov

Data Analysis:

Steve Rich, Research Analyst Principal
Behavioral Data Analysis and Dissemination
Phone: (208) 334-8116
E-mail: Steve.Rich@itd.idaho.gov

Kelly Campbell, Research Analyst Principal
Location Data Analysis and Dissemination, Safety Evaluations, HAL Program
Phone: (208) 334-8105
E-mail: Kelly.Campbell@itd.idaho.gov


Please send comments, questions, and suggestions to ohsweb@itd.idaho.gov