Become a Technician

Child Passenger Safety Technicians train properly fit child safety seats. Out of the thousands of child safety seats installed in vehicles over 80% of them are incorrectly installed according to National surveys conducted by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The NHTSA Standardized Child Passenger Safety Training course is designed to certify child safety advocates as Child Passenger Safety Technicians. The course provides attendee's with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide parents with accurate and consistent information regarding child car safety seats.

The Idaho Office of Traffic and Highway Safety recommends that anyone providing parent technical information regarding their child's car seat should attend this valuable training course. The Idaho CPS program provides free Child Passenger Safety Inspection Stations through our hospitals, fire departments, police departments, and District Public Health Department offices. At these locations parents and caregivers can learn how to safely transport children by using the properly fitted child safety seats. For a list of current child safety seat check sites in Idaho click here, enter Idaho and the zip code.

If you wish to take this course, you must register online at the National SAFE KIDS. This site describes policies and administrative requirements for course registration and certification for the National Standardized Child Passenger Safety Training Program. For those contemplating taking the course, please keep in mind that this is not an easy course and is physically exerting. It is a full 40-hour course with a child safety seat check and an on-line exam that must be passed. It also requires the physical ability to climb in and out of cars, placing pressure on car seats to install them properly. It is not recommend for persons with back problems take this course. To register you will need to be prepared to use a credit card to charge your registration fee of $60.00. This registration fee includes your manual and your 2-year NHTSA National Certification . To remain current CPS technicians must recertify every 2 years.

If you have questions after you have read this page, or for details regarding course availability in Idaho contact Sherry Jenkins or call (208) 334-4460.